Our industry uses a lot of fancy acronyms to describe what we do, but let’s cut through the jargon. The short answer is that we make your operations more efficient and reduce telecoms costs.

We typically converge multiple networks into a single voice, video and data network (MPLS VPN).

This results in an operational efficiency and the associated cost reductions (direct and indirect) that comes with using one network instead of two or more.

And, given that converged MPLS VPNs need strong management, this complex relationship is achieved by outsourcing to the network service providers that we trust.

When it comes to this level of telecoms complexity, you need to be able to trust the company which is facilitating the process. CommsCloud has converged more than 278 sites nationwide onto a variety of MPLS VPNs. We’ve done this for companies with anything from four sites to 185 sites.

We’d love to share our success stories with you.

Internet Breakout

We can’t escape the internet, but we can rethink and resize the way your company connects to the world.

Efficiencies of scale and support have driven software and applications into the cloud and all of them are band-width hungry. Email, Dropbox, Google Apps, Office 365, Intranets, Off-site archives and backups, virtualisation, access to the company’s file servers via APN’s, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based solutions are forcing businesses of all sizes to rework their “internet breakout” or connection to the outside world.

More band-width is not the answer: as fast as IT provides more throughput, the quicker it is used. We find out who needs it and why, the reason it is so slow or so expensive, and what the difference is between local and international band-width. Then we tailor a solution that meets your needs.