Detailed Site Designs.

We document and facilitate your infrastructure design

CommsCloud has designed a repository for information relating to a client’s networks and solutions that enables the exchange and management of information in clear concise and meaningful manner. We call this the Detailed Site Design (DSD).

Experience has shown us that the easiest way to ensure smooth transition from one network to another is with structured project management, clear communications and accurate change management control.

Change management may seem like a really simple aspect of project management, but in many instances it falls over due to information which is incomplete or inaccurate.

Included in the CommsCloud framework for the repository is:

  • The site’s position within the network topology.
  • The firewall specification for all trusted parties specified by the client.
  • BGP AS numbers.
  • Confirmation of alternate routing and diversity from the POP / exchange to the cabinet.
  • Hardware specification and device names.
  • Environmental hosting requirements: power, space, cabling and connector types etc.
  • Site specific configuration checklists.

This repository allows for easy of network transformation, solution implementation, project management or related change control and, most importantly, clear communication with stakeholders.