Data Mining & Analytics.

If you can’t measure you can’t manage it.

This simple phrase drives our thinking at CommsCloud. In other words, business intelligence (BI) underpins every aspect of our engagement with clients and influences all that we see, communicate and do.

From the desktop device to cell phones, to dongles, machine-to-machine communications and hosted servers, we analyse, report, manage and optimise the usage and costs.

Our analysis makes it possible for our clients to integrate their BI Reporting on telecoms into the systems that run their businesses. This makes possible a proactive, agile approach to the stakeholders who are interacting with your business in real time.

Our deep level analysis means that we can provide a solution that ensures the right role player gets the necessary information, in a way that adds value to what they are doing. This reduces workload, driving efficiency and automating telecoms processes that would otherwise clog up the day.