We go beyond analytics

The foundation for any CommsCloud project is gaining a thorough
understanding of your current telecoms infrastructure, usage patterns and
business needs. Our strength is in what we overlay onto the analytics.

We go beyond the vendor

We are not tied into any vendor. Our priority is to find the service provider that
fits your needs, empower you to choose an appropriate solution and then to
ensure that the process of implementation is streamlined, that the solution
makes a difference to your end users and your savings go straight to the bottom line.

We go beyond the sale

We source, facilitate implementation and manage and optimise solutions.
We work in partnership with our clients, using our unique knowledge to find
solutions that fulfil your precise business need. And then we stay with you throughout the journey.

We go beyond expectations

We use our specialist knowledge to manage your telecoms infrastructure
efficiently and effectively, thereby lowering your total cost of ownership.
What you get is more infrastructure for less money and no more stress.

We go beyond your network

Our work encompasses everything from your infrastructure to the solutions that run on it.
We measure, manage and optimise your telecoms infrastructure and resources,
whether they are in the air, in the ground or in the cloud.
Our objective is to ensure that the business applications that
run on your telecoms infrastructure deliver as expected, when required.

Who we are

We are the professionals that take the pain out of a system that doesn’t work and replace it with the joy of a solution that does what you need it to do, when you need it, cost effectively, seamlessly and efficiently.

The way ISPs sell solutions and services is broken. We can’t fix the way they deliver or sell them, but we can fix the way you interact with ISPs and ensure that your needs are top of mind and documented and agreed to in the SLA.

We focus the conversation on what you want, not on what they want.

What we do

We listen to you.
We spend time learning who you are and how your business runs because there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all in this industry.

Our first step is always to do a comprehensive analysis of your requirements because we know that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. We use world-leading telecoms business intelligence systems to carry out a sophisticated analysis of your infrastructure, and then we marry that data with your company’s current reality and needs.

Using the data uncovered by the analysis, we partner with you to ensure that your stakeholders have access to the information that they require to empower decision making in your business.

The endgame is the fulfilment of your business needs.
We partner with you to tailor a solution that will make a measurable, positive difference to your organisation and your people.
We prune infrastructure and services that you don’t need and manage and optimise the efficiency of the systems you use.

We do it better

We are a bespoke telecoms management consultancy. Your needs are our primary concern. We don’t answer to any of the service providers – we answer to you.

We know that there is no point in only comparing costs only with what you paid last year. We make sure that you benchmark against last year, your peers and additional service providers.

We use our detailed understanding and strong relationships with the 1st tier service providers in South Africa to empower you to source solutions and to negotiate contracts and SLAs that have your best interests at heart.

We have built a unique set of best practices that will enable you to better manage service provider relationships and support processes so that we save you time and improve the user experience.

We take your existing telecoms infrastructure spend to much greater levels of effectiveness and efficiency, and there is a good chance we will save you money too. We offer you a partnership on managing telecoms infrastructure that will not only pay for itself, but will also empower decision making for years to come.

Our three step process


We offer a diverse range of solutions from reputable telecoms vendors in South Africa.

Our work encompasses everything from your telecoms infrastructure to the solutions that run on it. This includes cell phones, cellular APNs, VoIP, internet breakout, hosted cloud based solutions or hybrid cloud solutions, IPT / PBX’s along with the networks they run on.

Our objective is to ensure that all your business applications that run on your telecoms infrastructure deliver as expected, when required.


Managing a network is complex and time consuming, and what happens after implementation is vitally important.

While good communication skills, change management processes and the alignment of support processes can alleviate many of the pitfalls; it is our experience things start to go wrong when some “Must Do’s” are forgotten. The result can be friction between you and your service providers, errors during change management or - even worse - downtime on the network.

Along with our comprehensive solution offering, CommsCloud has purpose-built services that support network transformation, solution implementation and the ongoing management and optimisation of solutions and the infrastructure they run on.

Our Team

We are passionate about our work.

Our team is committed to the CommsCloud value proposition and focused on supporting both our clients and the service providers we work with.

Cathy Mwekassa

ISP Manager

With CommsCloud’s client base and ISP relationships growing, the business needed someone to manage both the relationships between our clients and their ISP’s, along with the project management aspects. It takes an intimate knowledge of project management along with the requisite technical know-how and people skills, to manage a diverse client base with a variety of technical projects over multiple ISP’s. And in Cathy we have a perfect fit. Cathy’s mandate is to build our capacity to deliver quality solutions, imparting best practices and methodologies along with skills and knowledge into our client base and to facilitate implementations. Cathy’s resume includes the successful implementation of multiple single site and complex multi-site solutions, using multiple ISP’s, solutions and a variety of vendor hardware. Her qualifications include Agile and Prince2 certification. Based in JHB and with a hands-on style, Cathy is responsible for ensuring our ISP’s and Clients successfully implement solutions procured.

Karen Myburgh

Mobility Sales and Management

Karen’s experience stems from the telecommunications industry, having spent several years with one of Africa’s Mobile giants, successfully servicing and managing large multinational and global enterprise accounts. Her strength lies in her ability to build strong relationships with her clients by positioning herself as a trusted advisor. Service excellence coupled with having her clients’ best interests at heart are qualities that Karen continuously strives towards. With a strong understanding of client pain points, and the way in which service providers operate, her primary focus is around mobility and the successful management of this ever-growing environment. And Karen’s expertise includes a solid understanding of the ICT space after spending time with another of SA’s Tier One ICT Service Providers.

Peter Walsh

Sales, Consulting and Strategy

Peter’s success and his ability to predict and interpret trends in the telecoms space is built on 15 years’ experience consulting to businesses on communications infrastructure. He spent ten years as founding shareholder and sales director of a telecoms expense management (TEM) company. Peter has deep domain expertise on telecoms cost management inside enterprises; along with a strong understanding of how the service providers work. On the back of deep dives into client business needs using analytics, Peter has also sold and/or consulted on hosted IPT / traditional PBX & IPT, Cellular Least Cost Routing, cell phones and APN’s, MPLS VPN, a variety of analytical toolsets and telephone management systems (TMS).

Judith Brockhoven

Analytics, Operations and Processes

Judith’s strength is in attention to detail, communications, processes and procedures; that work for the people who have to operate them. She has been involved in the operational aspects of a number of privately-owned businesses in various industries over the past 16 years including financial services, capital equipment and telecoms.  Judith's responsibility includes the management of all our analytics and administrative processes; with design and oversight of our back-end systems that allow CommsCloud to deliver on our high-end value proposition.

Richard Swart


Richard’s reputation is built on his ability to exceed expectations while delivering optimal stakeholder relationships to enterprise customers. Richard has successfully managed several enterprise accounts over the last 15 years. His technical proficiency includes but is not limited to: Converged MPLS Networks (Voice, Video, Data), Cloud Services and Virtualisation, On-Site and Hosted PBX systems, Video Conferencing, Mobility and APN, Machine to Machine, Mobile Device Management and Storage Area Networks.

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